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United Tools and Fixings - Powered Access

We have a lot of solutions when you need to work at awkward heights safely. Our Powered Access covers Power Towers, Powered Stair Climbers and Electric Scissor Lifts.

Power Towers:
These are very useful for all indoor repairs. They are slim enough to fit through a standard doorway and offer a generous working platform. Simply push into position, step inside and press the button to reach working heights over 5 metres.

Powered Stair Climbers:

These power climbers make lifting heavy goods a breeze. They literally walk themselves up stairs, whilst lifting the load under its own power. They will amazingly turn corners and even go up spiral stairs. Powered by a sealed rechargeable battery, they come complete with a charger.

Electric Scissor Lifts:

For those really tall jobs, our range of specialist scissor lifts offer an extended working height from 14m to 21.5m. Great for easy safe access, for those maintenance and construction jobs that require a bit of reach.

United Tools & Fixings hire these product out for a day, weekend or longer at great rates. Find out more and hire one today!

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