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Contractors Lighting Systems
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Our Contractors Lighting Systems vary depending on the application. We stock lighting towers to suit a wide range of trades.

Our lighting systems are very popular and enable you to work any hour of the day, keeping you and your equipment safe. Generators are not needed for most of our lighting systems, due to the advances in fluorescent tubes and LED's.

Ecolite Lighting Tower:

The Ecolite is the ultimate high performance, fuel efficient lighting tower. Using only 0.05 litres of fuel per hour, it incorporates prismatic lens technology and AMOSS (Automatic Mast Operator Safety System).

It uses state of the art CDM technology which minimises glare and shadows. A fantastic lighting system that gives the highest definition, clarity and colour rendition available.

Contractor Lights:

These light units produce as much light as a 300W tungsten halogen bulb, yet need only 36W of power. They operate from a 110v transformer and can be linked together, to cover a wide area.

An extremely durable light that enables you to connect up to 55 lamps.

LED Plasterer Lights:

These 110v LED lights have a 2 meter cable with 2 x 10w lamps. Being very efficient, they can be linked together and are perfect for localised intense lighting.

LED Light Canons:

These are portable, rechargeable floodlights with installed CREE LED technology, which delivers 2000 lumens of super bright light. Perfect for situations where there is no power source.

A lightweight floodlight that offers 8 hours of light on full power. The design is very a durable and can handle the tough rigours of site use.

Other features include 3 light functions:

  • Full power: 2000 lumens
  • Half power: 1000 lumens
  • Pulse: 1000 lumens
  • 12 hour charge time.

United Tools & Fixings hire these product out for a day, weekend or longer at great rates. Find out more and hire one today:

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