Hilco Red Extra Welding Electrodes E6013

Hilco Red Extra Welding Electrodes E6013

These Hilco Red Extra Welding Electrodes E6013, are a popular choice for construction work.

These universal electrodes produce a very attractive weld and are suitable for all welding positions. Ideal for vertical down position, they are easy to handle, with a smooth arc transfer. Removal of slag is also easy, making them an industry favourite.

With a finely rippled bead surface, Hilco Red Extra Welding Electrodes E6013 are ideal for a host of applications. Perfect for mild steel welding for construction work, repair welding and workshop tasks.

Hilco Red Extra Welding Electrodes E6013 are an all current type (AC/DC), which also operates on transformers with low OCV, min: 42V.


  • Model No: E6013
  • Available sizes: 2.5mm, 3.2mm & 4.0mm
  • Pack size: 5kg
  • Quantity: 2.5mm - 275, 3.2mm - 173 & 4.0mm - 112


  • Construction work
  • Ship building
  • Offshore work
  • Repairs
  • Workshop tasks

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